Shenyang is the biggest center city in northeast China. It has within its jurisdiction 9 districts, 3 counties, 1city and 5 development zones. Here live more than 40 nationalities such as the Han, the Man, the Korean, the Hui, the Xibo, the Mongolian and So on.

Shenyang lies on the north bank of Hun River (called as shenshui in ancient times)and so it gets its name. From 300 BC (12 years after the Zhao king of Yan kingdom came to power) when the Yan Kingdom dispatched General Qin kai to station troops here for border defense and the general founded Hou City till now, Shenyang has a history of more than 2,300 years .Shenyang is frequently called as the birthplace of one dynasty and the capital of two generations of kings. In 1625, the founder of the Qing Kingdom, Nurhaci, moved the capital here and changed its name into Shengjing. In 1636, the son of Nurhaci changed the name of its kingdom into Qing and established the Qing Dynasty. In 1644, when the Qing troops got across the Gate and made Beijing as the capital, Shengjing was made as the sub-capital. In1657, Fenguan Fu (Government of office) was set. In 1945 when the anti-Japanese war was over, the city was changed into Shenyang .

Shenyang is a well-known historical and cultural city in China and is one of the earliest cities to be named as a tourism city. Now, there are more than 1,100 surface and underground culture relics and historic sites and more than 200 scenic spots of nature and human. Here, in Shenyang, the four seasons are clear, mountains and rivers gather together and the city and the buildings in the city are flourishing and beautiful.

World Cultural Heritages

Shenyang imperial Palace is the second best preserved palace cluster after Beijing’s Imperial Palace. Building commenced in 1624 and was completed in was the first emperor Nurgaci and his son Huangtaiji’s imperial palace. The palace is divided into east, middle and west part, has more than 100 ancient buildings and covers an area of more than 60,000 m2 . Among these buildings, the famous building, Phoenlix Building was the tallest building in Shenyang at that time. Seeing the sun in the daybreak, is one of the Eight Sights, of the old Shenyang.

Zhao Tomb (North Tomb) is the tomb for Qing Taizong Huangtaiji and his wife Boerjite. It was established in 1643 and covers an area of 327.4 m2 It is of big scale, with grand building, and can be called as the excellent masterpiece of the Han and Man cultures cultures.

Fu Tomb (East Tomb) is the tomb of Qing Taizu Nurhaci and his wife Yehelana. Fu Tomb was build to lean on the Tianzhu Mountain on which there are lot of old pines almost reaching to the sky and green hills overlapped. Magic Pine on Tianzhu Mountainwas one of the Eight Sightsof the old Shenyang.

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