Shimonoseki is located at the southern tip of Honshu, and is known for being the city of Fugu, or blow-fish. The largest catch of these fish with toxic livers is found here. Don’t worry, the Fugu served at restaurants is perfectly safe to eat–the liver is carefully removed before preparation.
You can walk under the Kamon Strait to find yourself on Kyushu. Of course you can also drive across the beloved bridge which connects the two islands, or take a ferry or train.

The Kamon Strait was the site of a major historical battle, and you will find the residents of Shimonoseki are more interested in history than in other places in Japan. Because so many died in the battle here, it is thought to be haunted. There is even a species of crab here which appears to have the faces of warriors on their backs! (An example can be seen at the museum at Akama Shrine)

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