Shopping in Afghanistan

Shopping is something you cannot do without during your Afghanistan tours. There are many options for shopping in Afghanistan. Some of the things that you can buy from the various shops of Afghanistan are Turkman hats, Istaff pottery materials, local glassware from Herat, nomad jewelry and handmade carpets and rugs. For shopping in Afghanistan, you can also go to the shops that sell Nuristani woodcarvings, silk ware, brass, copper and silver work.

Afghanistan shopping will give you opportunities to buy all kinds of items. The shopping hours in this country are generally from Saturday to Wednesday, 8 am to 12 pm and then from 1pm till 4:30 pm. On Thursday, shopping in Afghanistan is done from 8 am till 1: 30 pm.

There are numerous shopping destinations in Afghanistan. You can buy the famous Afghan carpets from the carpet shops of Kabul. Carpets can be bought from the shops of other states of Afghanistan as well. However, the design varies. Different regions of Afghanistan have their own unique designs. Most of the carpets are deep red with some incredible geometric patterns and designs. These are handmade articles and are made of vegetable dyes.

Shops in Afghanistan also sell Afghan rugs which are well known and sought after. In this regard, the war rugs are very famous. While shopping in Afghanistan, buy the beautiful war rugs which became world renowned after the Soviet invasion of 1979. These are so named as these rugs carry woven images of war on them. The original ones depict scenes of the Mujahideen. However, if you want to buy the modern ones, you will see certain modern themes showcased on them like the destruction of the World Trade Center. Some of the rugs have scenes of tanks, guns, bombs and other weapons of war.

Shopping in Afghanistan will remain unfinished if you do not purchase the Lapis Lazuli. The finest Lapis Lazuli comes from Afghanistan. This rock is highly prized. It is a gem that is known for about 5000 years. These polished stones are very popular in the country and is a big hit among tourists.

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