Shopping in Arunachal Pradesh

Shopping is the main point of attraction for anyone who is traveling to Arunachal Pradesh. Every place is famous for some particular things which are the specialty of that region.When you are on your tour to Arunachal Pradesh, and you go for shopping, you will find handicrafts items dominating the shopping areas. Arunachal Pradesh is famous for art & craft items. The handicraft of Aruncahal is unique and exquisite, rare to find elsewhere. A wide spectrum of elegant crafts such as weaving, painting, pottery, smithy work, basketry, woodcarving, cane & bamboo work, carpet making etc. are found among the people of Arunachal Pradesh. The handicraft articles found there are exclusive and wonderful. An ample range of stylish craft works like painting, weaving, pottery, carpet making, basketry, smithy work, woodcarving, bamboo work and cane work is the specialty of the Arunachal Pradesh market. Bamboo cane work, `thankas’ (Buddhist religious paintings on cloth with vegetable dyes and/or gold), woodcarvings, carpets, woven shawls and sarongs can be bought at the handicrafts centre at all tourist destinations.

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