Shopping in Bhutan

Apart from sightseeing, Shopping in Bhutan is also a major pastime for travelers. The charming country of Bhutan is a popular destination for the holiday makers. Shopping in Bhutan is really a wonderful experience for the tourists. There is a number of Shopping Centers in Bhutan.

Bhutan Shopping Items

Items found in Bhutan include postage stamps, hand-woven fabrics, carved masks, woven baskets, thangkhas, wooden bowls, handmade paper and finely-crafted metal objects. Bhutanese woven cloth is famous around the world. Yathra, brightly colored woven material made from wool and dyed with natural colors, is a popular item in the country. Hand made wooden bowls (dappa) are a wonderful and practical souvenir. Dzi beads are available throughout the kingdom.

Where to Buy in Bhutan

There are several shops in Thimphu selling masks, carpets, jewelry, Bhutanese wooden products and of course stamps. Bhutan has its reputation for being a philatelist’s paradise. Tours to Bhutan is well worth a visit even for non-philatelists. Tongsa is famous for gorgeous carpets. Bhumthang honey and jam is considered by experts to be bought all over country.

Numerous shops in Thimphu sell typical Bhutanese handicrafts and products. The widest selection can be found at the Tourist Emporium on Thimphu’s main thoroughfare. Bhutan has a flourishing liquor industry.
If you want to buy religious paintings, you can visit the thangka painting school in Thimphu. Print film is also available in Thimphu.

The weekend market close to the river is held on Saturday and Sunday. The market is a good place to pick up masks and handicrafts at cheaper prices than the shops.

Come to Bhutan and enjoy the experience of grand Shopping in Bhutan.

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