Shopping in East Timor

There is a variety of Shopping in East Timor. Get to know more about Shopping in East Timor through East Timor Travel Guide.
East Timor offers great many handicraft shops lining the city streets or the beach roads. The shops and markets in East Timor are famous for two things- handwoven cloths or Tais and coffee. The Tais differ from region to region within the country in design, style, patterns and color. Dili offers the best possible buys. The Tais Market in Dili is a great place to shop for Tais and silver jewelery made by local artisans. You can also buy Tais from the street sellers. The stalls situated on the road to Maubara offer excellent tais. The handicraft shops in the country offer beautiful wood carvings. They will form excellent souvenirs to gift friends and relatives back home. If you are visiting the eastern edge of the country then you will get to buy turtle shell bracelets. In Dili you will find many stores and roadside stalls selling coffee. The coffee that is sold here is dark and good to taste. You will find many markets in the country selling sandalwood. Cal Containers are a must buy while visiting East Timor. They are made from bamboo and have beautiful carvings etched on them. They serve to carry tobacco which the locals chew.

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