Shopping in England

Shopping in England is a major attraction in the country. England is a diverse country and as such travelers get a variety of local and international products here. Well known shopping chains have their branches in the important cities of England. There is a wide variety of centers for Shopping in England. Travelers can shop in expensive departmental stores or designer shops or they can also shop at small stores at reasonable rates.

London is one of the main centers of England shopping. The city is home to plenty of elegant international shopping chains, departmental stores, fashion houses and designer boutiques. London is one of the great shopping centers in the world like New York or Paris. The shopping plazas and malls in London boast of a wide variety of products ranging from clothes, lifestyle items, perfumes, leather works to accessories. Most of the malls are located in and around the city center. The streets in London also have small shops where local brands are found at discounted rates. These shops are ideal places to bargain and have a good deal. The modern design of the shops along with wonderful items and great facilities has added a unique dimension to shopping.

Apart from London, other popular centers of shopping are Manchester, Bournemouth, Birmingham, Bristol, East Bourne, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Southampton and York. The shops and stores in these cities showcase a lot of local and international brands of electronics, accessories, food stuffs, apparels and sports wear. There are also popular restaurants and bars and pubs which serve a wide variety of cuisines and drinks. Drinking is one of the favourite things to do in England.

The small counties are also major centers of Shopping in England. Travelers can pick up local artifacts and crafts from these places. Antique shopping is also very popular and wonderful relics and items can be found in shops like the Christies and Sotheby’s. Almost all stores accept major international credit and debit cards which benefits foreign tourists. While touring the popular tourist spots, travelers can buy various items at cheap rates. The opportunities for shopping in England have made it one of the important parts of England Tours.