Shopping in India

Shopping in India will always remain an unforgettable experience for all the travelers. This is rightly called the shoppers paradise, since the Indian markets provide multiple options to all the visitors and allow them to pick up the right thing and that too of perfect choice. Here the travelers will get a variety of options right from precious stones, semi precious studded garlands to many trendy merchandise and leather items.

The Indian markets are just the perfect shopping destinations for the shopaholics, who come here from various parts of the world. A leisurely stroll along the different lanes and streets of the metropolitan cities are sure to attract the attention of the visitors. There are beautiful handicraft items, carved jewelry, really gaudy Indian dresses, excellent paintings and many other items. Shopping in India is definitely one of the most important things to do in India, for the visitors coming here.

When we talk about jewelry, the first place which comes to mind is Jaipur. The Johari Bazaar of Jaipur is famous for their silver, semi-precious and precious stone jewelry. The Zaveri Bazaar of Hyderabad is another place where there are exquisite collections of pearl sets. The amazing diamond jewelry of Mumbai must not be missed. Another fascinating aspect of the different markets in India is the different handicraft items.

Variety of handicraft goods are found in the different parts of India and all these goods can be taken as souvenirs. Most of the handicraft goods of India are very tempting, be it the handicraft of Orissa, Rajasthan, West Bengal or any other places. When we think about the culture of this country the wonderful paintings are the first things which comes to mind.

The Madhubani Paintings of Bihar needs a special mention here. There are traditional Indian folk art paintings as well, which are all very colorful and these are all available in different sophisticated shopping arcades like Hathua Market or Murya Lok Complex. Another important aspect of Indian culture is the books and for this one must visit the College Street of Kolkata, especially the book worms.

Each and every region of India has got some special type of fabrics which are exclusively found in those regions. Like the south Indian silk, block prints of Jaipur, silk of Benaras, etc. variety of wooden carvings, s6tone carvings, marble carvings, bracelets, ivory carvings are also found here. The travelers must take part in the different India Tours, which will enable them to explore the different Indian markets.

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