Shopping in Macau

Shopping in Macau offers plenty of options for bargain hunters, antique collectors and committed market browsers. Being a free port, Macau shops store duty-free prices and every shopping object is free from sales tax. Favorable exchange rate and bargain friendly atmosphere makes shopping in Macau a fun.
Gold jewellery, Chinese antiques, porcelain, pottery, electric gadgetry, watches, knitted wear, etc. are among the best things to buy in Macau. It is well to go to recommended shops for antiques, jewelry, and gold rather than street stalls and obtain a warranty card and receipt. Most of the antique and souvenir shops are in the Dui Jie and Rua dos Estalagens areas. Rua dos Mercadores is known for Gold jewelry also. For knitted-wear and locally made clothes at reasonable prices street stalls near Senate Square and in Rua da Palha are the best. Among popular buys Chinese herbs and medicine, dried seafood like shark’s fins, abalone, and Chinese and Macanese pastries are also worth of Shopping in Macau. Buyers in Macao also admire Macau porcelains and fine ceramics. You can also get a custom made a vase or set of tableware with your family crest or in a pattern copied according to your choice.
The newly built municipal markets around Leal Senado Square in Macau, has everything from high-end luxury boutiques to customary Chinese delicacies like dried sharks’ fin and abalone to offer. At the Rua da Tercena, there is an exclusive market shocasing the creative artisan section of Macau. Enjoy watching craftsmen carve camphorwood chests and family shrines, or print gold and red paper wrappings on hand-cranked presses, or weld bedsteads in traditional fashion.
From antique Chinese herbal therapies to cutting-edge electronics, Macau shopping offers cache for everyone.
Whether you are traveling to Macau on a business trip or a family holiday, Macau offers its visitors a good choice of accommodation to suit every taste and budget. Among most luxurious Macau hotels include the Mandarin Oriental and Crown Macau Hotel.

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