Shopping in Mizoram

A major must buy for every tourist visiting Mizoram, is the Khumbeu ceremonial bamboo hat, made of waterproof wild Hnathial leaves. Bara Bazaar is the main shopping centre of Aizawl, where all handicraft and handloom items are available. A visit to the State Govt. and Handloom Emporium is advisable.

The other shopping centres are New market, Ritz Market, Bazar Bungkawn, Thakthing Bazar, Burma Lane and Solomon Cave.

Mizoram Craft – Concerted efforts have been made to accelerate the growth of industries in Mizoram. Crafts of Mizoram have got their own identity. One has to see them to believe the intricate traditional designs woven by the Mizo women, born weavers who produce what can only be described as art on their looms. These designs have become deeply rooted in their tribal consciousness and have become part of the heritage of the Mizos. The traditional craft of Mizos can also be seen in their exquisite cane and bamboo work – where both utifitarian and decorative pieces find pride of place.

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