Shopping in Nauru

Shopping in Nauru makes the travel to this country interesting. Nauru shopping mainly centers around art and craft items. While shopping in Nauru, also buy the straw hats, ornaments made from shell, liquor, electronic goods and cloth materials.

There are various shopping destinations in Nauru. However, the best shopping in Nauru is done in the Menen Hotel boutique. This boutique is famous for its gifts and books. Other small stores in this hotel sell a variety of food items and other articles.

Tobacco and alcohol are duty free in the shops of Nauru. The Nauru Philatelic Bureau offers a number of stamps that you can buy while shopping in Nauru. Besides, the items of arts and crafts are available from the small owner operated stores of this island. Artisans sell their own artworks from these stalls.

Shopping in Nauru will make your tours more enjoyable. In other words, your Nauru tours will remain unfinished if you do not indulge into this activity. There are many shops and stores in Nauru. The imported goods are generally sold in the superstores of Nauru. While shopping in Nauru, note that the imported goods are very expensive in this country.

Nauru is a beautiful island. Shopping in Nauru comprises many things that are generally associated with island life. When you are in this country, you will find several supermarkets in Aiwo where you would easily get good gift items at reasonable rates. Further, Chapppelle’s in Ewa district makes shopping in Nauru much easier and comfortable. Here, you will get all kinds of things under one roof. Some of the products that you can purchase from Chappelle’s are electronic goods, home wares, books, food and clothes, among others.

Thus, shopping in Nauru is one of the best things to do in the country. The best things to buy in Nauru are the handicrafts. Woven baskets, masks, and native clay statuettes are some of the other things that you can purchase from the shops of Nauru. Fresh flowers and fruits can also be bought from the stalls of this remarkable island nation.

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