Shopping in New Zealand

Shopping in New Zealand promises to be a pleasure activity. You will really get to enjoy the vibrancy of the place coupled with the crowd, the number of things that you can buy from here. These range from the locally made stuff that you can carry back home as souvenirs or any other item that you need to have. There is actually no dearth of variety as well. Right from art and craft to paintings to pottery, New Zealand made products and souvenir and tourist shops offering gifts, products and food, you can get everything here. This is what makes Shopping in New Zealand a wonderful experience.

When you are shopping in New Zealand you should remember to buy things like the merino wool, Rainforest body care, silk thermal underwear, New Zealand pictorial calendars, books and posters.
There are just a few things that you need to bear in mind. You will be surprised to know that New Zealanders are amongst the highest users of electronic banking services in the whole world. The Automatic teller machines (ATMs) are available in just about every town.

Most shops have Eftpos (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale) terminals for debit and credit cards, so most purchases can be made much easier as it is done electronically. Such convenience adds on to a great deal to shopping in New Zealand. Credit cards are not accepted by some of the merchants with Eftpos. This is specially the case when you are going to small food retailers such as takeaways, dairies, and cafes that do not serve alcohol.

It is not a good idea to carry a lot of cash around and if you are planning to stay in New Zealand. You can open a bank account to avoid this. You need not bargain while Shopping in New Zealand as the displayed price is normally the purchase price for most goods that are sold.

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