Shopping in Niue

Niue is not a 24-hour, 7-day culture. Getting your shopping done requires a bit of careful timing and planning to avoid the inconvenience of running out.
The islands major supermarket keeps limited hours due to the religious beliefs of its owners, so runs from Monday to Friday 9AM to 4PM.

Outside these hours some smaller shops are open, but carry less range. These stores are often located in houses within villages – if in doubt just ask around!
Traditional Art – Niuean weaving is considered amongst the finest in the Pacific and the local women are very proud of their skills; hats, mats, bags and baskets are made from locally grown pandanus in totally traditional, fully manual methods.

None of the artworks you will find for sale are made in a factory in China, or anywhere but Niue!

Each village show-day showcases these and other handcrafts, and there are a few shops in Alofi that sell these crafts to visitors.

These are not mass-produced and are increasingly rare works of art! Alternatively, if you’re after something special, you can also ask around within local villages – Niue is that kind of place!

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