Shopping in Norway

Your visit to the land would be incomplete if you do not indulge in Shopping in Norway. There are numerous articles that you might want to purchase. There might be a special souvenir that you would like to carry back home from your tour from Norway. Shopping in Norway is bound to be a pleasurable experience because of the large varieties of things that are there. Do visit the malls to have a wonderful shopping spree in Norway.

In the cities and villages of Norway you will find numerous shops that specialize in the different traditional arts and crafts. This is not all. You will also find the as new designs that are inspired by tradition.

Shopping in Norway will surely be a pleasure filled experience. The reason for it being that Norway has a Tax-Free shopping system. This is a type of system by which all tourists have the VAT on their purchases completely refunded. There are about 3000 shops where you will find this particular service in Norway. You should be on the look out for the Tax-Free shopping sign whenever you are shopping in Norway. This facility you can avail of whenever you shop for NOK 310 that is approximately EUR 39 or more (Price may be change).

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