Shopping in Philippines

The Philippines, a beautiful archipelago nation in Southeast Asia, is one of the most enchanting tourists destinations in the world. Known for its exceptional beautiful natural landscapes and unique cultural charm, it is frequented by thousands of nature lovers, honeymooners and romance seekers from all around the world. Apart from hundreds of enchanting tourist destinations, Philippines is also known for its unique art and cultural heritage. Its unique and intricately beautiful handicrafts have no parallels in the Southeast Asian region. Philippines is also one of the least expensive shopping destinations in the world, offering the most value for your money.

Philippines offers exciting shopping experiences to its visitors. While in the Philippines, you can shop for a selection of handicraft items such as carved statues, Tiffany lamps, cane basket, custom-made furniture, jars, vases etc. Shopping for fine leather items such as bags and footwear; clothing including the hand-embroidered piña (pineapple fiber) and jusi (banana fiber) and jewellery made of gold, silver and pearls can be a rewarding experience in the Philippines. Other famous shopping items in Philippines include antique wooden figurines of saints and a selection of beautiful souvenirs including the painted papier-mache horses of Laguna, coral trinket boxes, rattan furniture and woven grass mats. Overall Philippines is a wonderful place for shoppers, offering countless bargain opportunities.

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