Shopping in Samoa

Shopping in Samoa will be an interesting affair as you will have a number of items which will attract your attention and you would love to possess them. You will be lost in the flavors, colors, artefacts and hues and cries of the sellers who will try their best to catch your attention. Shopping in Samoa needs a lot of bargaining capacity as you want the best deals on the objects. After the tours in Samoa you can visit the market place for souvenir hunting.
Some of the popular items those are included in Samoa shopping are lavalava or the sarongs and the handicraft items. As most of the shops in Samoa are closed on Sunday it is better to have a look at the shops on Saturday only. Among all the popular markets which sell almost everything and anything under the sky is the Apia Flea Market. As it is open all through the day you can find the gift of your choice here. Apart from the handicraft products you will also find small convenience stores where you have food items, gift items and a number of essentials. After the Samoa tours you can take a look at the Apia New Market.
This market is positioned on the Fugalei Street and is popularly known as the Maketi Fou. This place is known for fresh fruit and vegetables and the handicraft items which are made by the artists and artisans in the market itself. After the shopping you can have a hot bowl of kava and this is an experience worth savoring for the rest of your life. If you want authentic handicraft products then the best place to check is the open-air markets.
You will find a number of traditional items like the woven bags, baskets, wood carvings, war clubs and Kava bowls hand-painted with special care. You will love the color of the bowls. You can take home the lovely toga which is made out of pandanus leaves which are woven together with a single string. If you are out for shopping in Samoa you can take a look at Treasure Box Samoa which is known for the Polynesian jewellery and the special black pearl jewellery which are handcrafted by expert jewelers. You can also Aggie’s Store which is famous for shell jewellery, sandalwood soaps and the very beautiful siapo cloth.

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