Shopping in San Marino

Shops which are lined on either side of the winding valleys will allure you with the tempting items.

If souvenir hunting is your main purpose while shopping in San Marino, then you will find a number of shops which sell a number of handicraft items. Most of the people who live to shop will be amazed at the variety of products in the shops in San Marino. It is the sheer variety and the unique quality of products that will impress the shoppers.

Most of the souvenir shops are known for their gift items like weapons, swords and B-B guns most of which belong to the medieval age. Some of these are rare, antique pieces which are known as collector’s items. As Euro is the currency of San Marino you need not bother about the hazards of currency exchange and you can shop to your heart’s content. If you want to collect something really unique while shopping in San Marino it is better you can carry back home coins that are specific to the region. Most of these Euro coins have special San Marino patterns.

While going for San Marino tours you can spare some time for shopping in San Marino and visit all the handicrafts shops which see products made by the local artists. You can collect a set of local coins from the souvenir shops which are probably the best mementos. Check out the duty free shops for items like cameras. Some of the shops sell interesting items like knives, leather bags, watches and junk jewelries. Check out the sets of stamps that are sold in souvenir shops. If you are lucky you might hit a jackpot.

Items like clothes, accessories like leather belts, shoes, and cartons of cigarettes and bottles of perfume come in cheap prices and as the shops are tax-free you will find all these and more in an affordable price. Junk jewelries intricately patterned and studded with semi-precious jewels are favorites among the buyers. If you want to gift something really unique to your loved one then you will find a number of things to your liking while shopping in San Marino.

If you are tempted to buy something then you do not hesitate to pay the extra amount because in no time you will be the proud owner of either some beautiful jewelry or a set of precious stamps.

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