Shopping in South Korea

Shopping in South Korea is a source of great delight for the shopping freaks. They can shop till they drop. You can have an enjoyable experience while shopping in South Korea as you can buy a wide range of articles. The rapid industrialization has led the country on the path of self sustenance. The indigenous industries and indigenous crafts have bolstered internal trade and also boosted export. South Korean goods are one of the most wanted and sought after in the international market. South Korean antique materials, leather goods, electronics, shoes and garments are the most cherished products for tourists in South Korea. It is often said that tourists should come to South Korea with a minimal luggage and go back with a huge bag with loads of South Korean goods.
South Korean markets are a shopper’s paradise. They can have endless shopping. Articles like shoes, handbags, leather jackets, suitcases, silk, electronics, appliances, wrist watches and various other consumer goods are available at throw away prices in comparison to the international market rates. The growth of indigenous industries has greatly affected the price.
In South Korea shopping can be great fun at the innumerous Departmental stores where the prices are fixed. If you take on the vendors, there is a possibility that you get goods at a fairly low price. If you are shopping at the major open markets like the Namdaemun or Dongdaemun, you get the best price for goods that encourage you to shop till you spend the last penny from your wallet on a day.
While shopping in South Korea tourists are advised to take note of the following tips while shopping.
Do carry the local currency as it is quite sure that the shop owners are going to offer you the least conversion rate
The shop owners in most markets speak limited English except in areas where foreigners tread in to buy more.
If you are buying any genuine antique material then ask for a fair procedure to take it home as it requires a special permission to be exported.
While buying clothes it is advised to try out the size of your clothing as it could not be exchanged after 3 days. It is better to buy tailor made clothes as that can be altered then and there
Be very sure about the brand names. Counterfeited items if found in the customs check can be forfeited.
Try not to haggle too much if you are the first customer during the day. It is believed by traders that the first customer should not return without buying.

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