Shopping in Spain

Spain is a popular tourist destination in Europe. Tourists visit Spain throughout the year to enjoy the exciting beaches, museums, festivals, Spanish food, parks etc. The Spanish markets too attract a huge number of tourists each year, to come and shop and feast on the great number of products special to the markets in Spain. Shopping in Spain is a golden opportunity for the spend thrifts. There are many shops, supermarkets and shopping malls scattered across the various cities in Spain.
for the tourists. There are indoor markets namely Mercados, traveling open-air street markets and Permanent Street markets. The prices here are 20% less than the prices offered in the shops. Visitors can get variety of goods such as Crockery, Food,Shoes, Flowers, Linen, Cookware, Cassettes/CDs, Ceramics, Arts and crafts, Jewelry, Clothes, Household wares, Carpets.
Spain is popular for the handmade items such as pottery, ceramics, woodwork, paintings and embroidery. The tourist can buy leather of very high quality in Spain. The variety in the leather goods range from small purses to huge leather furniture. There are big supermarkets and shopping malls in the different cities of Spain. El Rastro is the most popular shopping center in Madrid. One can get everything in this center from gypsy antiques to post cards, from live chicken to the pirated CDs of the latest releases in Hollywood. It is the best shopping arcade for visitors who can bargain. There are some other good shopping centers in Madrid too. The eastern Salamanca district houses the widest selection of the designer outlets in Spain. One can find Designer Wear like Armani, Prada, Sybilla, Louis Vuitton, Victorio & Lucchino and Amaya Arzuaga in these shops.
There are many open-air flea markets in Barcelona. They offer a large variety of books, jewelry and handmade arts and crafts. The Mercat se las Encants in the Plaza de las Glories Catalanes, the Mercat at Plaza Villa de Madrid and the Mercat de San Antoni are the most famous Flea markets here. The Circuit del Born is one of the best shopping places in Spain. It includes small artisan studio/shops especially silk boutiques. Most of the shops in Spain open at 10.00 am. They close at 2.00 pm for siesta and re-open at 5.00 pm. They close down by 8.30 or 9.00 pm. On Saturday, the shops are open from 10.00 am to 2.00 pm. Though the local language is Spanish, most of the staffs in these shops can communicate in English. Hence communication is not a problem in the Spanish Markets. A lot of choice is available to the traveler while Shopping in Spain. One can get a variety of goods at reasonable price. No wonder, the number of tourists is increasing by the day to have the thrilling experience of shopping in Spain.

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