Shopping in Switzerland

Switzerland is a country that is bordered by Germany towards the north, France towards the west, Italy to the south and Austria to the east. It is a small country situated in the heart of Europe. It is a picturesque country with many areas of interest for the tourists. Switzerland is also known as the ‘Paradise of Shopping’, as it is a country that houses numerous shopping items. A few of the Swiss specialties that you may pick up while on your tours to Switzerland are mentioned as below. These articles also prove to be excellent Souvenir pieces as well.
Chocolates- Swiss Chocolates are famous all over the world. To purchase Chocolates, one could try out the supermarkets like the Migros or the Coop. No matter which brand you may wish to buy, the Swiss chocolates have a unique flavor that is appreciated by all.
Swiss Army Knife- This is a knife with a blade and other tools, like the can opener and a screwdriver. The term Swiss Army Knife was derived from the soldiers of the US after the Second World War as they had difficulty in pronouncing its original name Offiziersmesser.
Watches- The major brands of watches that we use today like the Rollex, Swatch, Omega, Mont Blanc, TagHeuer are, of course, from Switzerland. They are excellent pieces that you may pick while Shopping in Switzerland.
Cow bells- Cow bells of Switzerland are very well known among the Indian tourists. They are available in different sizes in Switzerland.
Cheese- although cheese nowadays is a very common food item and is available in any part of the country easily, but it is said that only the Swiss people can make real cheese. There are different types of Swiss cheese like the hard cheese, cottage cheese, soft cheese, cheese prepared in the valley factories, cheese made in the mountain chalets, cheese boxed in red pine, cheese shaved into rosettes, hot cheese spread over the potatoes for making a raclette, and many more items of cheese are world famous of Switzerland.
Other specialties you may purchase, while Shopping in Switzerland include Bernese woodcarving, embroidery and linen, pottery, crystal, liquors, textiles, stainless steel cutlery, ski clothing and equipment as well as luxury handmade clocks. The areas for shopping are wide spread throughout the country. A few handy tips to follow while Shopping in Switzerland are:
*It is advised to the tourists to shop from the standard showrooms.
*Be careful while shopping from the roadside vendors or other small shops.
*Most of the shops in Switzerland remain closed on the Monday morning.
*You can use credit and debit cards for shopping. The widely accepted cards are MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club and American Express.
*ATM facilities are also available frequently, throughout the cities.