Shopping in Tripura

Shopping in Tripura a delight.Tribal populated Tripura boasts of vast forestland where bamboo and cane grow in abundance. These two factors have played a key role in forming a tradition of fantastic handicrafts in the state and make shopping delight.The ethnic groups of Tripura fashion out various utility items and objets d’art from cane, bamboo and woods. Alongside, clay, wood, palm leaves are also favorite medium for handicrafts. But the artifacts and furniture made by Tripura artisans rank among the best in the country for their beauty, elegance and exquisite designs.

The state capital Agartala is the best place for shopping in Tripura. You can also opt for visiting the tribal villages to see the craftsmen at work and can shop from them.

As in all other states, you would find host of Government run emporia and private shops for shopping in Tripura. The colorful bazaars with the assortment of variegated artifacts provide visual delight.

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