Shopping in Tunisia

Shopping in Tunisia is bound to be a pleasurable experience as the land has got a large number of things that will make your expeditions a grand success. But there are a few things that need to remembered while shopping in Tunisia. Make sue that you remember these while Shopping in Tunisia.
You can but a good amount of pottery from the main centers like Nabeul, Guellala on Jerba and Sejnane. These are two other very important centers for Tunisia shopping. The pottery in Sejnane has a unique style with brown ceramics and simple drawings.
You can but carpets from the main centers of carpet and rug. The places from where you can buy are Tunis, Tozeur, Kairouan, and Jerba. The style is Persian but there are the Berber styles as well and this is known as the allouchas.
You can also buy several products made from leather. You can but bags, leather jackets, belts and also leather furniture that is known as the puffes. The quality is fine but what you should remember is that simple designs are almost non-existent.
From Tunisia you can acquire a good collection of oils and perfumes. Perfumes are made from orange blossom and geranium.
Tunisian jewelry is pretty and interesting, provided that you enjoy the styles that are there. Gold products of Tunisia are either very elaborate or are very simple.
Points to remember while shopping in Tunisia There are a number of things that all should remember while shopping in Tunisia.
Bargaining is a must while shopping here in Tunisia. While buying carpets it is a good idea to do some market research before finally selecting upon the particular carpet.
Anything and everything can be made from leather in Tunisia. The quality is good but you need to check it by burning a matchstick and know whether the quality is okay or not. You also need to be extra careful about the stitches that are often tacky.