Shopping in Turkey

Shopping in Turkey will be an experience worth remembering. This country is famous for many of its items. They are of a lot of value abroad. You will find several bazaars, open-air markets and shopping malls all across Turkey. The pictures of small stores in various lanes selling a plethora of items are quite pleasing.

You will find many shopkeepers screaming to sell their goods in the local markets. They might even nudge you to buy any of their products. You will simply enjoy Shopping in Turkey.

There are several states in this country which have local bazaars to high street fashion boutiques for the hip and the happening. The sight of the colorful bazaars is what will hit you the moment you enter this country. Some of the well known shopping centers here include Kapalicarsi, The Grand Covered Bazaar and the Spice Bazaar. There are several shopping malls in Istanbul like Akmerkez,Galleria Atakoy and Capitol.

Ankara has Karum as well as Atakule. Bodrum has a renowned shopping center named Oasis. These malls sell branded goods which are available all across the globe. From cheap to expensive, you will get everything here.

When in Turkey you can buy alabaster and antiques. Antique items are readily available in this country but you need to carefully choose the authentic items. Turkey is famous for wool and cotton which is produced in several states of this country. You can also buy Books and maps in several stores here. Brass and copper articles are also worth buying here.

Turkish carpets, Kilims or woven mats and ceramics are quite famous. While Turkey Shopping, buy ceramics from Istanbul, Iznik and Kutahya.
While on Turkey Tours buy the evil eye beads to ward off evil and have good luck. Meerschaum and other jewelry items are items which you can buy and gift to your loved ones back home. Leather apparel like soft leather and suede coats, skirts, jackets, gloves and other items are sold readily in the markets especially in Istanbul.

You can also purchase printed appeals and silk shawls, scarves and other articles which are traded in the region of Bursa. Wooden items like chess boards and black gammon are also nice articles to present your friends and family. Apart from Shopping in Turkey you have many other Things to do in Turkey.