Shopping in Tuvalu

Shopping in Tuvalu offers exciting opportunities to buy some of the most spectacular handicraft items. Shopping in Tuvalu is the best way to get to know the local people, their culture and their special talents.
Tuvalu is an island nation that is located on the Pacific Ocean. Tuvalu comprises of 4 reef islands and five true atolls. It is the second-least populated country in the world. It lies half way between Australia and Hawaii. The capital city of Tuvalu is Funafuti. Tuvalu is slowly becoming an extremely popular tourist destination. Its scenic beauty is spectacular. One of the must do things when you come to Tuvalu to visit the shopping markets in the country. They sell some of the most unique items you will ever find anywhere else.
A must visit shopping destination on your visit to Tuvalu is the Womens Handicrafts Center. It is located near the airport terminal at the Tuvalu International Airport. The center is famous for selling beautifully handcrafted items such as bags, baskets, mats, necklaces, fans, hats, and model canoes. Most of these items are made in Funafuti as well as other islands. The center is situated quite close to the main hotel in Tuvalu which is very popular among tourists. Every time a flight is scheduled to come to the airport, the local women set up the stalls to sell the handicraft items.
You should also visit the Funafuti Women’s Craft Center. It is situated in Funafuti and is also quite a popular place among tourists. You can buy a number of locally made items which make as excellent gift items or souvenirs to be taken back home.
All the handicraft items are made with coconut fronds and pandanus leaves that are grown all over the islands.
Tuvalu has a number of small local shops that are very interesting. You should definitely take out time to visit these shops that are located on the side streets. The locals are quite helpful and friendly. Many of the local shops also sell imported items. You can also look for 2 Tuvalu Co-operative Society stores where you can buy groceries and everyday items.
Tuvalu currency is the Australian dollar or AUD. But the country also has minted its own coins which are very different from the Australian coins. These coins can only be used in Tuvalu. You are advised to arrange for some Tuvalu coins and currencies before you go to Tuvalu as it will be more helpful if you wish to shop there.

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