Shopping in Vietnam

Shopping in Vietnam can be a great fun. Vietnam is a paradise for all the shopping enthusiasts. Shopping in Vietnam is a fulfilling and interesting experience, which you can enjoy during your trip to this exotic country. Do not forget to bargain a bit just for the fun of it as Vietnam happens to be the haven for the bargain hunters. You can buy wide array of interesting articles from Vietnam both for yourself and your loved ones.
You can find street markets in Vietnam that sells various interesting items in cheap rates. Other form of markets and shops ranges from posh shopping malls, supermarkets to lively and busy open market, boutiques, galleries and street stalls.
Old Quarter of Hanoi is the ideal place for the visitors interested in extensive shopping. Here, you will find a wide range of shops selling gold, clothes, embroidered tablecloths and handbags. These local markets are always the great places to be to enjoy the local flavor and buy souvenirs. Some of the important and famous market in Vietnam includes Ben Thanh market in Ho Chi Minh City and Dong Xuan market in Hanoi.
If you are looking for extensive Vietnam Shopping, makes sure to shop for handicrafts, war souvenirs, art, antiques, authentic clothing, and gems. Vietnam is the best place on earth to shop for all these things.
Art and Antiques are commonly found at the markets of the Vietnam. Make sure that you are buying the real artifacts and check your sources for certificates. If you are shopping for art and antiques than Vietnam is the ideal place to be.
Of you are looking for clothing in the markets of Vietnam, you can find wide ranges of items. You can buy T-shirts to beaded handbags and traditional dress ao dai. Stuffs made from silk are a popular buy among the tourist. You can also buy shoes, slippers and handbags, Vietnamese traditional conical hat and embroidered articles as well.
Vietnam is famous for gemstones. The jewelry business also thrives in this part of the world. Here, you can find both big businesses on gemstones and traditional craftsmen as well. You can also shop for war souvenirs like Zippo lighters.
Handicrafts in Vietnam are quite popular. Among handicrafts, you can buy lacquer ware, reed mats, leatherwork blinds made from bamboo, oil and watercolor paintings, carpets and wood-block prints.

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