Though Siberia has suffered a somewhat ‘checkered’ past, it is an amazing and largely untouched area with a lot to offer. Siberia as a whole, is the largest geographical region in Russia, and it is often divided up into the Federal, Urals Federal and Siberian Federal Districts and includes the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic which is actually a part of the Far Eastern Federal District. Siberia is bordered by the Ural Mountains, the Russian Far East, the sea and Mongolia and China.

Due to the harsh climate in Siberia, development and population growth has been very limited. Most of the inhabitants of Siberia live in the city and are crowded into small apartments. Those that live in more rural areas have more spacious log houses. Despite the difficulties, Siberia is by no means a no-man’s land. An estimated 1.5 million people live in Novosibirsk alone! Here you will be able to find all the normal day to day activities that you would in any other city. Tomsk, Irkutsk and Omsk are cities with historical interest, while Oymyakon has the distinction of being the coldest town on earth with a record breaking -72 C as its lowest recorded temperature!

Though the climate is harsh in many parts of Siberia, the region is massive and as such, has a variety of landscapes. Yes, here you will find tundra but only in the extreme north of Siberia where temperatures can reach as low as -68C in winter. You will also find swampy plains, heavily forested areas and mountains peaking above 3000 meters. In fact, the rich and mainly un-tapped natural resources of Siberia are now being made use of for export and local use. The area is mineral rich and has oil fields,forests which provide timber and grasslands for farming. And though the winters are long and cold, Siberia has been protected by its climate for eons leaving it a largely un-spoilt natural beauty. You may not find being chased indoors is such a bad thing because the diverse people who inhabit this region are largely friendly and welcoming. Travelling to Siberia in Russia may just be the adventure of a lifetime.