Siddhivinayak Temple Mumbai

The Siddhivinayak Temple is located in Prabhadevi, Mumbai. The temple is flooded with thousands of visitors throughout the year. The temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Inside the Siddhivinayak Temple there is a small hall with wooden doors, gold plated roof and an idol of Ganesh with four arms. There are also the carvings of Asthya Vinayak. The four armed Ganesh bears a lotus, an axe, modakas, and a garland of beads. The idol of Ganesh is also flanked by Ridhhi and Siddhi, two of his wives.

It is believed that if the Siddhivinayak Temple is visited every Tuesday it brings good fortune. The idol of Ganesh or Siddhivinayak has four arms and is made up of a black stone. It is 2.5 ft high and 2 ft wide. The idol has its trunk twisted on the right which is considered to be very auspicious. The sculpture has a third eye on the forehead which denotes the third eye of Lord Shiva.

The best time to visit the temple is during the Ganesh Chaturthi when the temple flooded by thousands of devotees. The temple remains open on all the days of the year.