Side (pronounced ‘see day’) is one of the best-known classical sites in Turkey, and was an ancient harbour whose name meant pomegranate. Side is a resort town on the southern coast of Turkey, near the villages of Manavgat and Selimiye.


his unique seaside resort lies on a small, flat peninsula which is 300 meters wide and 800 meters long and is just packed to the brim with archaeological wonders and surrounded on both sides by the deep, blue water of the Med. At certain points along the main street that runs through the centre and down to the quaint fishing harbour, you can look between the buildings and streets and see the sea on either sides.

Whilst Side has become extremely popular with European and Turkish holidaymakers alike, it has managed to retain its quaintness and authenticity. Due to its abundance of archaeological treasures, all the architecture in the old part of Side is of a certain style pretty, two storey stone buildings with varnished, wooden balconies all along the labyrinth of narrow, winding alleyways.

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