Sightseeing in Brazil

Sightseeing in Brazil provides travelers with a host of opportunities. Brazil Sightseeing takes you all over the country, so that you can travel around the varied destinations of the country. Sightseeing in Brazil comprises the following:

Copacabana – This is the most famous beach in the world. This beach is eminent for its soft sand and the beautiful waters. There is plenty of activities to do on the beach and restaurants, nightlife and shopping. Bring along your surfboard if you have one.

Sugar Loaf or Pao de Acucar – Sightseeing in Brazil includes the Sugar Loaf, the tram ride for tourists to see the granite dome. You can also click some excellent pictures of the area and see it the dome from the sky view. This is something every traveler wants to do in the beginning of their trip to get an idea of the landscape.

Natural History Museum – Brazil Tourism takes you to the Natural History Museum where you get a wonderful opportunity to see all the exhibits and browse through them.

Ipanema – The Ipanema is a famous beach in Rio de Janeiro, having great surf. This beach is also known for its outstanding scenery and activities. Complementing a vibrant nightlife, there is also opportunity for shopping and great restaurants to eat. You will want to spend the whole day on the fantastic Ipanema beach.

Museum of Modern Art – The Museum of Modern Art, one of the places of Sightseeing in Brazil, has above 4000 artifacts and beautiful paintings. Spending a day will tell you all about the exquisiteness of the pieces. Learn about the artists and admire their talents, stop by the gift shop and take a look around.

Corcovado – This 2230 feet high structure has the famous statute of Christ the Redeemer. It provides an excellent view of the area, a must see for a Brazil Tour.

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