Sightseeing in Brunei

The Arts and Handicraft Centre
The Arts and Handicraft Centre is located next to the Brunei River on Jalan Residency, and it is where the traditional arts and crafts of Brunei Darussalam have been revived. Hand tooled silver jewellery and artifacts, such as ornamental cannon and the snake-like dagger known as the ‘keris’, can be bought from the handicrafts shop of the centre.

The Brunei Museum
Brunei Museum is an architecturally distinctive building which features the Brunei Museum is about 6.5 km from Bandar Seri Begawan along the Brunei River. A large confidential collection of richly gilded Holy Korans are testament to the devotion and craftsmanship of ancient calligraphers and there are also treasures of ceramics, glassware and carpets.

The Malay Technology Museum
The Malay Technology Museum is located near the Brunei Museum. It offers the visitor an fascinating insight into the lifestyle of the people of Brunei in bygone days. It focuses on the traditional techniques of house building and other aspects of Malay life, it shows the innovative ideas of earlier generations and their skillful use of locally available materials. Authentic, three-dimensional displays of boatmaking, fishing, metalworking and goldsmithing are there in the museum for displays.

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