Sightseeing in Canada

If you want to go for sightseeing in Canada you can visit quite a number of tourist attractions in Canada which are some of the most fascinating sights in this country that are sure to transport you to a different world. You can explore the natural beauty and various other historical sites while sightseeing in Canada.

Canada is a fascinating country which is known for its liveliness. It is also known for its picturesque landscapes and breath-taking sceneries. Each of the Canadian provinces promotes their own tourism industry and operates various regional tours in order to draw more international travelers. Every year a lot of tourists flock in to these Canadian provinces to travel around in this part of the world and visit the numerous tourist attractions which are both nature based and culture oriented.

The nature tourism in Canada comprises of various adventure activities and eco tourism. Through ecotourism the visitors can explore the natural areas and take part in various educational tours in order to understand the importance of the place. If you want to go for adventure tourism you can take part in various outdoor activities which include hiking, canoeing, kayaking and cycling. You can be a part of various expeditions which will indeed be quite enthralling.

The cultural tourism in Canada is mainly concerned with arts, heritage and history of the place. You will also get to know about the local cuisine, culture and tradition of the inhabitants.

There are quite a number of sightseeing places in Canada which are quite alluring to the tourists. These include the wildlife areas, various cultural and historical sites. The wildlife areas are protected to conserve the wildlife habitat. You can also visit various bird sanctuaries in Canada where you will find various migratory birds.

Canada has a diverse landscape and is known for its rivers and lakes. Many of the rivers have been enlisted as Heritage Rivers because of their historical background. The lakes and rivers serve as a source of fresh water and are also used to generate hydroelectric power.

There are quite a number of historical sites, museums and other places of interest across the country. While sightseeing in Canada you can visit the art galleries, archives, planetariums, natural science museum, gardens and various other heritage sites.

The museums preserve the artifacts which give a picture of the various contributions made in the historic past to give Canada its identity.
Sightseeing in Canada would entice your senses and you will be mesmerized by the natural beauty of the place.