Sightseeing in Croatia

You will not be able to escape the Balkan charm as sightseeing in Croatia will allow you to have a glimpse of some of the beautiful cities in Croatia. Croatia tours comprise a visit to Zagreb which is also known as the Croatian capital. Make sure that you have ample time in your hands for sightseeing in Croatia. You can see some of the most famous and beautiful museums of Croatia in Zagreb. Tours in Croatia will be incomplete without a visit to the beautiful town of Gornji which will be a revelation for the art lovers. You can find a number of art galleries, the Parliament and the Palace of the President.

The lower portion of the town is known as Dolnji and here you will have a number of shops which sell everything and anything under the sky. Croatia sightseeing involves a visit to the Novi Zagreb which boasts of some of the finest buildings and is an area constructed after the war. You can find touches of modernity everywhere especially in cafes and kiosks in this area. Tours in Croatia will be incomplete without a visit to the Split. It is known as the Largest city on the Adriatic coast. This was part of the Greek settlement and you will have a number of ruinations like the residence of the Roman Emperor Diocletian in Split.

Some of the other areas that are included in the Croatia tours are the Maritime Museum and the National Museum of Croatia. Take a tour through the roads and you will be surprised with the ruinations which tell a history of its own. Dubrovnik has a charm of its own and this place is counted among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you are a sporty type you will enjoy the scuba diving in Dubrovnik. If you are planning sightseeing in Croatia the list of must-sees include the Rab and Porec which boast of natural splendor. If you are a beach person you will have a time of your life while you feel the warmth of the Mediterranean sun. Enjoy your sightseeing in Croatia.