Sightseeing in India

Sightseeing in India will always remain a wonderful experience for all the travelers. This wonderful country has lot to offer to all the travelers coming here. There are mountains, valleys, plains, sea, lovely monuments, temples, buildings, historical sites ad plenty more other attractions in this country. The various parts of India have got variety of things to offer to the visitors.

Each and every region of this country is beautiful and the visitors cannot afford to miss any part of India. The varied aspects of this country have made it a very popular tourist destination and because of this reason it gets lot of travelers throughout the year, who repeatedly comes back to this magnificent land. The different trips of sightseeing in India will definitely mesmerize all the travelers coming here.

The visitors who love to see the beautiful and the huge mountains must visit the northern part of this country. The mighty Himalayas and its other snow covered peaks are there to welcome the tourists. There are many popular pilgrimage spots which gets lot of visitors every year.

The wonderful valleys of Kashmir must not be missed by the visitors as well. There are many popular hill stations which are worth paying a visit. The visitors who want to come close to the royal lifestyle must make a trip to Rajasthan. There are magnificent forts and palaces in this part of India. The visitors will get a royal feeling when they will visit the different forts and palaces. The trip to the desert areas will also turn out to be quite exciting.
The happening city of Mumbai is also worth visiting.

The north eastern part of this country as got some lovely scenic spots and picturesque locations. The plains of this country have got many attractive spots as well. The southern part of India has got many architectural beauties.

The temples and other monuments of this region are all very magnificent. The sea beaches of India are also very beautiful. There are many amusement parks and nature reserves, which must not be missed. The visitors will get innumerable things to do in India.

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