Sightseeing in Poland

Sightseeing in Poland involves a number of sites that are a must visit for any tourist. Sightseeing in Poland has become very popular due to its location that eludes serenity and mystery. You are bound to be fascinated and spell bound by some of the sights that you will get to see as you enjoy a tour of this beautiful country.

Some of the cities that provide the best of the Poland’s attractions are Warsaw, Gdansk and Krakow. Warsaw
Warsaw is the capital city of Poland. It is also the largest city in Poland. The city had seen extensive damages during the Second World War. But after the War, the government rebuilt the entire city. It is today considered by many as the heart of the country. The structures that were re-built were done so keeping in mind its heritage. Today, the city is the perfect combination of entertaining side shops or markets and historic buildings that include palaces, churches and historical monuments.

Gdansk – Gdansk is the best place to go if you want to shop locally made items and souvenirs. You can just take a stroll along its footpaths and enjoy the scene of busy shopkeepers and traders going about with their everyday life. You can find authentic amber jewelry that is sold in some of the shops here. Do not miss to take a look at the biggest Gothic church in the world that is situated in Gdansk. Its architecture is a treat for the eyes.

Krakow – Krakow is probably the most famous city in Poland. Visitors who come from all over the world fall in love with its elegance and Renaissance charm. The people of Krakow are very friendly and hospitable. The city of Krakow is known most for the castle of Wawel. It is a beautiful structure that will leave you spellbound. Most of the art pieces have a Gothic look to it. The small town of Wieliczka is also situated in Krakow. Wieliczka is famous for the salt labyrinth that is made of pure salt. The entire place including the statues, halls and caves are all made of salt.

Bieszczady National Park – It is one of the most famous national parks in Poland. Bieszczady National Park is known for its large population of wild animals, some of which are endangered. The most commonly seen wild animals are European bison, red deer, wolf, lynx, wildcat and the brown bear. You will also be able to see the rare Golden Eagle and Eagle Owl. It is perfect spot to go for a day of relaxation. This place will give you the feeling that you are connecting with nature at its best.

Elbag-Ostroda Canal – Do not miss to see the best of Prussian engineering work. The network of Elbag-Ostroda Canal will leave you spell bound. It is located in the Warminsko-Mazurskie province of Poland.