Sightseeing in Portugal

Sightseeing in Portugal will always remain a wonderful experience for everyone. When in Portugal, the visitors must not miss the three famous places that include Sintra, Porto and Lisbon. All these three places must not be missed by the visitors, when in Portugal. All these three places have got wonderful sites which will make the trip to this country very memorable and exciting. The traditions and customs of Portugal is amazingly different in its various parts, considering the fact that Portugal is such a small country. The various tours of sightseeing in Portugal, must not be missed by the visitors coming here. There are various travel agents, who organize a number of trips to various regions in Portugal and all the trips are really very exciting.

The renowned Parque das Nacoes (Park of nations), which is in Lisbon, is a very interesting spot. This place still draws a lot of visitors all round the year. This beautiful park has got variety of attractions which include the Lisbon Oceanarium. This place showcases the eco-system of the oceans of this world. Two other popular sites of Lisbon are Santa Justa Elevator and the ancient Castle of Sao Jorge. Another wonderful of the country is Algarve and this place is a wonderful family destination. There are variety of sporting activities here which will keep all tourists busy. Apart from these there are family-friendly restaurants, pristine beaches ad many other lovely sites. This place is very popular among the young generation because this place has got a great nightlife. There are variety of bars, clubs and cheap restaurants, which one can find in most of the streets of Algarve.

The second largest city of Portugal is Oporto and here the visitors will get the renowned port wine. There are many monuments and buildings in this country which are all very popular. Other interesting sightseeing spots of the country include Evora, Coimbra, Braga, Guimaraes, Setubal and Bragança. The place has lot to offer to all the visitors since there are plenty of things to do in Portugal and the visitors must not miss any of the Portugal Tours during their stay in this country.