Sightseeing in Tunisia

Sightseeing in Tunisia is marked by its numerous beaches and historical sites that attract a huge number of tourists to the country each year. The number of tourists has risen from 56,000 in 1961 to 3.7 million in 1993 and it has helped in earning a great deal of foreign currency as well. When ever you are opting for sightseeing in Tunisia take care to see that you do not miss the following spots-
Barbary Coast – During the 16th century it was under the Ottoman rule with Tunis as its centre. This was used as a base for piracy against the European ships in the Mediterranean. The name comes from the Berbers who were the oldest inhabitants of the region.
Bizerte – It is the northernmost city in Africa and also the fourth largest in Tunisia. It is a port city that is located in the Northern Tell region at Cap Blanc. The coast that lies in between Bizerte and the Algerian border has steep cliffs, small bays and many other secluded beaches as well. Here you can also see the ruins at Dougga, Regia, Bulla, Chemtou and Utica. It is a heady combination of sea and mountains and therefore it is a much sought after holiday destination.
Tunis is the capital and largest city in Tunisia. What you should not miss is the medina. It is the old quarter of Tunis. You will find here a maze of tiny, winding streets that has been designated by UNESCO as part of the mankind’s cultural heritage. You should also visit Ave Habib Bourguiba and here you will get to see architecture that ranges from baroque to rococo and it contrasts with the innovative creations of the more recent architects. Most of the monuments and historical buildings here belong to the old quarter.
Besides these you should take care to see that you do not miss the Dar Ben Abdullah Palace which is a traditional late 18th-early 19th-century Tunisian mansion. Also do not miss the Great Mosque Ez-Zitouna, the Hammamet, the Cap Bon peninsula, The Medina, the Sahel, the holy city of Kairouan; Sheitla and El Djem. Also do not miss the Sfax, the Kerkennah Islands, Bourguiba and El Djem.