Sikinos is a Greek island and community in Cyclades. An out of the way and relatively untouristed islandoffers some real respite from the tourist hordes to view the real Greek life on some of the more isolated islands.


Sikinos is a settlement which is divided into two villages: Kastro which is the largest and the the unspoiled picturesque Hora. Kastro with its maze lanes is one of the most authentic with an outstanding beauty, villages in Cyclades. Hora is superb with a trail of windmills. Panagia Pantanassa church has an excellent temple and beautiful meta-byzantine icons. Zoodohos Pigi Monastery is overlooking the main town and gives the impression of a castle. North-east from Hora is the Monastery of Chrissopigi (20 minutes walk) with excellent view.

In Sikinos, make sure to get away from the lights of your accommodation on a clear night and take a look at the sky: no place on the planet will allow a more brilliant and crystalline view of the Milky Way in the night sky – as if Zeus himself had painted the heavens.

There is an little Olive Oil Museum. The views are totally amazing

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