Singapore History Museum

The history of the Singapore History Museum is itself very interesting. The story begins with the opening of the Raffles Library and Museum in the year 1887. In the year 1960, the museum and the library were separated and eventually in the year 1965, its name was also changed to National Museum. The Singapore History Museum was housed in the National Museum building from the year 1993.

Ten years later, Rivertales Exhibition was held at Riverside point with the objective of redeveloping the museum. A year later, foundation was laid for what would now be known as the Singapore National Museum. Finally in the year 2006, the National Museum of Singapore was inaugurated and the Singapore History Museum at Riverside Point closed down because all its collection would now be housed in the National Museum.

There are numerous artifacts, photos and replicas that throw a great deal of light on the history of Singapore at the Singapore History Museum (currently the National Museum of Singapore). Apart from its collection, the museum building is itself very impressive. A fine embodiment of neo classical architecture, it was initially designed by Colonel Sir H.E. Mc Callum even though it has undergone extensive renovation work of late to add glass and metal made wings to the former building.

Even though this totally new refurbished Singapore History Museum opened its doors to the public only recently, it has already emerged as one of the foremost Tourist Attractions in Singapore. This is no stereo typical museum which simply displays a wide variety of objects and boasts of a rich depository. It makes available to visitors umpteen other facilities and services. There are food and beverage as well as retail outlets out here. It is home to a lecture theater, a museum shop as well as an education and research center. Exhibitions are held at regular intervals and seminars are also organized at the seminar rooms of what was earlier known as the Singapore History Museum.

The dioramas and artifacts that are displayed out here help visitors to know a lot about Singapore’s struggle for independence, their ethnic diversity and their rich pre colonial history. Added attractions of this National Museum (erstwhile Museum of History in Singapore) are Tales of the Night Tour and 3D shows.

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