Singapore Lifestyle

Singapore Lifestyle encompasses the diverse aspects of the culture of Singapore and the ethos of its people. Singapore, which is an island country with the capital being Singapore City, boasts of several sightseeing attractions, departmental stores and shopping malls, restaurants and bars, glass and steel tempered buildings of multinational behemoths as well as domestic companies, beautiful roads, lovely residential areas, etc. All these are the result of superlative Singapore lifestyles and have been created for the city’s inhabitants so as to be compatible with their lifestyles. Hence, Singapore lifestyles constitute a vast gamut of issues that throw light upon the social and ethnic milieu of Singapore.

As Singapore boasts of a large population of Malaysians, Chinese and Indians, the lifestyle of the people in Singapore is a curious melange of the ethnic habits and dispositions of all such peoples. Exhaustive Singapore tours acquaint the tourists with the multicultural Singapore lifestyle that leaves an indelible mark on their minds.

The first fact that will strike you when you get to Singapore is that a substantial majority of its population is highly educated and possesses post graduate qualifications. This can also be verified from authentic demographic data records. Singaporeans are also very amiable and polite in their manners. This aspect can perhaps be attributed to the high quality of education they receive in their schools and colleges.

Singaporeans are fluent in English because English is taught to them from the ‘nursery’ level in the schools of Singapore.

If you examine minutely the behavior of the Singaporeans, you will notice that they are remarkably honest and very disciplined. The idea of honesty being an essential quality of life is propagated by the government of Singapore and the people are imbued in this ideal. Even if you’re traveling in Singapore on your own, you are guaranteed hundred-percent safety and security. Police, uniformed or plain clothed, hang about all over Singapore and the city has hidden cameras here and there on the different roads to monitor the activities of the pedestrians. Consequently, theft or other criminal activities are at an abysmal low in this utopian city. Penalties for undisciplined conduct and flagrant violations of the law, such as rash driving without obeying traffic signals, drunken driving, carrying contraband items, and other horrendous crimes, are severe to say the least. All these account for the disciplined and moral Singapore lifestyles of the Singaporeans.

And they are also extremely fun loving! You can verify this fact by visiting some of the restaurants and bars in Singapore.

Lifestyle in Singapore also points to how the people live in their homes. Most homes are decorated in the Western style but also sport a traditional ethnic decor. People earn well in Singapore. There are job opportunities galore in Singapore due to the extensive presence of transnational giants in the nation as well as the excellent globalization policies of Singapore.

That the bread-winners of the Singaporean families earn much more that what they require for their daily bread is amply reflected in their lavish ‘Singapore lifestyles’. Fat salaries that include stock options and other facilities are more than adequate to keep the home fires burning.

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