Singapore Vacation It’s Always a Fun

Singapore is a state with many faces. Ultra-modern lifestyle, state-of-the-art transportation and communication systems, rollicking nightlife, mysterious medical art of feng shui, and colorful opera are some faces of this wonderful state. Few places in this incarnation of modernity still retain old-world charm. One journey to this land of surprises is not enough to understand it.

Rustic Singapore
If one wants to know the life of the locals, one is suggested to visit the eastern part of the island during Singapore vacation, which is away from the bustling city. Board a boat at Changi ferry and be transported to Pulau Ubin. One of Singapore’s bigger offshore islands, Pulau Ubin retains a rustic air reminiscent of olden-day Singapore. Savour rusting atmosphere of the place and rejuvenate yourself. On return to the main island, one would be amazed by the stark contrast between the old and the new. Complete your experience with a leisurely MRT train ride back to the city centre.

Feng Shui
Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art which teaches us to harness the powers of nature for our well-being. The enlightening experience begins with a vacation tour to a feng shui establishment where some interesting artefacts are unravelled. An amble through some historical streets would suggest how the feng shui speciality of Singapore has influenced the design of many buildings in Singapore. Understand the role of feng shui philosophy behind the structure of Suntec City.

Milestones Tour
Urban Redevelopment Authority would give you a glimpse of next-millennium Singapore. Visit in your vacations to Far East Square would take you to the bygone era, for it the place where our nation’s Chinese immigrants landed some 170 years ago. Next in the tour is a visual treat. See in detail the milestones of Singapore from her historic founding in 1819 right until the present day. Conclude the vacation tour with a visit to Millenia Singapore.

Singapore provides you lively entertainment with its another speciality Chinese opera. Largest Chinese ethnic centre in town is Kreta Ayer or China Town. Kreta Ayer People’s Theater is considered the main venue in Singapore for Chinese opera. The theatre dates back to 1960 when it began as a makeshift stage at the Kreta Ayer Community Center, a place where local Chinese cultural performances could be presented for the community’s residents.

New Singapore
There is absolutely no chance of your missing the new face of Singapore – the ultra-modern face. Sky-kissing buildings, state-of-the-art transport, communication and entertainment centers make the vacation tourists acquainted with the new face of Singapore. Science is employed with great affect for providing entertainment to the people, and Volcano Land as well as 4D Magix are two glittering examples of this fact.