Singapore Zoo

If you are in Singapore, then you must visit with family or alone. Singapore Zoo, which was known as Singapore Zoological Gardens before, is a must visit spot. This beautiful zoo is generally recognized as the Mandai Zoo by the local people and it is spread across 28 hectares of land. This well-maintained zoo is situated on peripheries of Upper Seletar Reservoir within profoundly forested central catchment district of Singapore. Singapore Zoo was established by the Singapore government and opened for the public on 23 June in the year 1973.

The Wildlife Reserves Singapore operates and looks after the Zoo in Singapore. This government-operated organization manages the adjacent Night Safari of Singapore. Jurong Bird Park is also managed by this organization. You can see more than 315 species of animal in Singapore Zoo. Around 16% of animals are regarded as the most threatened and endangered species. From the recent verification, it is proved that, a more than 1.4 million of visitors come to visit this zoo every year. If you are looking for Wildlife Excursions in Singapore, you can come to this zoo to watch the amazing variety of species.

From its day of beginning, Singapore Zoo adopted the contemporary method of exhibiting animals in realistic ‘open’ areas. All the animals are displayed with concealed barriers, behind fosses and bushes. It also holds the largest incarcerated settlement of chimpanzees and monkeys on earth.

Harking back to the history of Singapore Zoo, you will know that the idea of this zoo was taken up in the year 1969. At that time, the Public Utilities Board of Singapore made up their mind to utilize some lands including some reservoirs for parks and entertainment facilities. However, later they reserved 88 hectares of land for this zoological garden. After that, the zoo was opened for public display on 23 June 1973 with a collection of 270 animals from 72 species. In the year 1990, a total of 1,600 animals including 160 species were collected and held 65 landscaped displays with boundaries. At present, the zoo houses a large number of animals, which are kept in large landscaped areas.

The waters of Upper Seletar Reservoir add a special effect to the Zoo, providing a feel of normal unobstructed area. The fosses are covered with lush vegetation and dropped under the line of sight. All the animals are accommodated in landscaped glass-fronted areas.

The zoo also has some rescue and conservation programs to defend wildlife in Singapore. The zoo also provides several exciting rides like trams, animals, and horse carriage rides. You can go to stroll around the beautiful and spacious Singapore Zoo.

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