Slovakia Big Site, Small Undiscovered Country

Just in time for U.S. travelers looking for interesting, affordable European vacations, the Slovak Tourist Board in North America has launched a new website, specifically designed for Americans considering a trip to the other half of the former Czechoslovakia.

While there are plenty of sites out there that have bits and pieces of useful information, we put everything American travelers need to know about our country on, explains Jozef Steis, Director of the Slovak Tourist Board.

Not just lists of hotels, restaurants and sights to see, but also five unusually detailed, self-guided driving itineraries that suggest what to see, how long it takes to drive between places, where to stay and eat along the way, with options for extra days or shortcuts. There isn’t a travel website out there — for any country — that has that level of detail. We even tell you how to connect to and from other Central and Eastern European countries, adds Steis.

Lots of information on off-the-beaten-path destination

In addition to the Itineraries section, the CometoSlovakia web site offers extensive information on Things to See/Do, with detailed pages describing Castles, Towns, Museums, Mountains, Folk Traditions, Caves, Food & Drink and a separate multi-page section on the capital city, Bratislava.

A Facts page includes Slovakia’s low average costs for meals, hotels, museum entrance, opera tickets and other travel items. The site also provides contact information for U.S.-based tour operators and Slovak travel agencies to help independent travelers with arrangements.

We recognize that many Americans aren’t sure where our country is or what we have to offer tourists, notes Steis. Even though we’re a small country, the web site gives potential visitors a tremendous amount of information.