Smaller Parks in Zambia

Luambe National Park

Between the North and South Parks on the east bank of the Luangwa River, is a small park of great vegetative beauty and an ever increasing animal and bird population. A new camp has just been established in this park for the first time.

Where to stay : Luangwa Wilderness Lodge

– Lavushi Mandla National Park

This park, although indicated as a National Park on all available maps, is no longer a reserve for wildlife. Most of the animals have been poached out, except for a few herds of antelope on the northern plane. It still has a formidable bird population however, but Tsetse flies are rife. There is one road passing through it from Mpika to Chiundaponde, otherwise there is no infrastructure at all, no accommodation or camping facilities.

The park can be reached from the East, turning west 46 kms south of Mpika. Western access from the Bangweulu swamps is via Chiundaponde. From the Mansa road, take the turn off to the Livingstone Memorial, 10kms further north of the Kasanka turnoff. The road forks after 8km, keep right and carry on for another 12 km, then left again on to Chiundaponde. From there the road leads directly to the park and comes out at the Great North road, just south of Mpika.

Isangano National Park

This is another of Zambias defunct parks. Lack of funds, people pressure, no infrastructure, mismanagement and internal poaching have all contributed to its decline. Apparently this park was proclaimed to protect a certain animal species in the area and was never intended to be a fully fledged national park. It can be reached by turning west off the Mpika / Mpulungu road, at Chambeshi.

Mweru Wantipa National Park

The swampland surrounding Lake Mweru Wantipa in the far northern part of the country is much the same as the swamps of the Bangweulu in its profusion of waterbirds during the rainy season. The lake is surrounded by local fishing villages. It is possible to ask them to take you through the swamps in a dugout for a negotiable fee.

Mweru Wantipa National Park, adjacent to the lake, used to harbour vast herds of elephant but poaching however has depleted most of the wildlife although there are still some small herds of buffalo. There are no tourist facilities but it is possible to camp along the lakeshore.

The park can be reached from Nchelenge, continuing on the dirt road alongside Lake Mweru and turning right just after Mununga, then left at Nkoshya. Or, if approaching from the east, after Mporokoso, turn right at Mukunsa and right again at Nkoshya. There is only one road through the park coming out at Kaputa near the Zaire border. The park is inaccessible during the rainy season (Dec-March).

Lukusuzi National Park

Located on the eastern escarpment of the Luangwa Valley, between the North and South Luangwa Parks. To date this park has had no development or even management and the status of game is uncertain. There are apparently plans in the pipeline for its privatisation. Check with the tourist board for any new developments. For the curious 4×4 adventurer, it can be approached from the Chipata / Lundazi road, where a poor dirt track to the west traverses the park and connects up with the South Park border road. Not advisable in the wet season. Game scouts do man the gate and may be able to give advice on the condition of the road.

Lusenga Plains National Park

Lusenga Plains National Park is in Luapula province in the North of Zambia. This park has not been operational for many years but it is now being restocked. Impala and zebra have been released , and soon wildebeest . Sabi Sands in SA is working on a project to relocate between 300 and 500 elephant from Sabi to Lusenga Plains and Sumbu NP in May 2009. New network roads are being graded, and funding is being sought for more scouts, firearms, vehicles for anti poaching, bicycles and motorbikes for scouts and possibly a light aircraft for surveys. Lusenga plains is being managed as a trust and is now accessible by road with signposts from Kawambwa.