Snowboarding in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its tasty Swiss cheese, chocolates as well as Swiss watches. Winter sports in Switzerland are equally famous, all over the world. Due to different exciting activities in Switzerland, the number of tourists is increasing day by day. The Adventure Sports in Switzerland include a wide selection of options ranging from skiing to curling, sledging and even snowboarding.
Switzerland is a mountainous country. The Alps Mountains that cover 60% area of Switzerland are perfect for the several winter sports. The Alps Mountains feature more than hundred peaks and dozens of snowboard and ski resorts. Indeed Snowboarding in Switzerland is a pleasure affair.
Gliding down on the powdery snow is an unforgettable experience one gets while Snowboarding in Switzerland. The downhill runs in Switzerland are longer than any other European country. Some of the popular Snowboarding resorts in Switzerland are Zermatt, Murren-Schilthorn, Davos, Lotschental, Verbier, Engleberg, Leysin and Zinal.
The Zermatt Mountain offers interesting Snowboarding in Switzerland and includes about eleven distinct slopes. These runs range from easy to advance. The longest run is about 10.5 miles. Zermatt-Klein Matterhorn village covers the area from Gornergrat and the Rothorn Paradise to the Schwarzee Paradise mountain ranges and Matterhorn Glacier Paradise.
Every year, in the month of January, the Inferno Races and the Triathlon are arranged in the Murren ranges. It is located in the midst of the Jungfrau region. Since 1928, the Murren Mountain has hosted, nearly all types of winter sports. Its longest run is about 10 miles long. The BLM Railway or the cableway can access the mountain village of Schilthorn, located near the slopes. Davos is considered as one of the greatest sites for Snowboarding in Switzerland, in fact it is regarded as the Mecca in the world. It has been described as ‘the winter metropolis for the snowboard and downhill enthusiasts’. It is also one of the highest towns above the sea level. The Davos range has the longest run of 9 miles from top to bottom.
Lotschental has about 15 separate runs. They are ideal for beginners, experienced skiers as well as the snowboard enthusiasts. Lotschental has the longest run of about 9 miles. It is situated in the well-known Rhone Valley, popular for skiing. Leysin is a very popular destination for snowboarding. The peculiar feature of the Leysin ranges is the brightly shining sun, the cool powdery snow and very good trails. The snow is deep and light. Leysin is situated in the French speaking part of Switzerland on the Lake Leman.