Sofia is one of the hippest cities in Bulgaria. In the past 10 years, Sofia has changed from a boring, sad-looking place to a modern and lively capital. To be honest, Sofia couldn’t be called a tourist atraction. On the contrary, Sofia, despite the fact that it is the administrative city of Bulgaria, is an amazing destination for a non-stop partying experience. In fact, only in central Sofia there are over 300 bars, restaurants, discos and cafes you could spend a nice time in. The book market and the flea market are also interesting spots in Sofia.

As Bulgaria is still on the waiting list for the EU, the prices are still much lower than those of EU states. As a result, Sofia is a cheap alternative, with an interesting twist. It isn’t beautiful, it isn’t clean, it isn’t well organised, but it provides the grounds for an amazing holiday, spent in a luxurious hotel overlooking the mountain, and with over 300 bars, restaurants, discos and cafes in a radius of less than 2km, the capital is also an easily accessible city.

For those travelling on a budget, hostels (available on the internet) are definitely an alternative. One useful tip for those who need a ride to town: pay attention to the taxi drivers- they will usually try to charge you more, and always choose cabs that are registered to a cab company. A few words in Bulgarian may be more useful than you imagine.