The state of Sonora, in the northwestern part of Mexico bordering on Arizona, is a unique and unspoiled destiny of Mexico. Sonora’s shores are washed by the Sea of Cortez in the Gulf of California, which is connected to the Pacific Ocean further south. Sonora is thus linked to the so-called Pacific Rim which offers ample opportunities for economic development as well as many challenges and opportunities for sustainable use of its natural resources.


You will find beautiful unpolluted beaches bathed by the Sea of Cortes and surrounded by the Sonora Desert. The western slopes of the Sierra Madre Occidental offer a green mountain setting in stark contrast to the desert landscape to the east. Safe modern cities with all the amenities and services you may demand, capped by Hermosillo, the seat of state government, home of the state university, and a thriving commercial center. Old towns such as Alamos, steeped in legend and history, where time seems to have been suspended two centuries ago.

The state of Sonora geographically offers the best duck, dove and quail hunting, combine with its world famous bass fishing lakes. Sonora is also a bird and whale watching paradise.

An excellent cuisine, typical dishes, music and dances of the Yaqui, Mayos and Seris ethnics are some of the attractions Sonora offers you.

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