South Africa: Money & Costs

Shoestring travellers prepared to camp or stay in hostels and self-cater could just about scrape by on less than US$15.00 per day. Travelling, other than hitching, will bump this up considerably as the road is long and public transport can be expensive. Most backpackers spend between US$20.00 and US$30.00 per day. Safaris, bungee jumps and surfing are all additional costs.
Those who prefer to stay in hotels with private facilities, eat restaurant meals a couple of times a day and travel freely by bus or train are looking at US$40.00 – US$60.00 per person.
South Africa has introduced new coins and notes, but old coins are still common so it’s hard to become familiar with what you’re jangling. The R200 note looks a lot like the R20 note, so take care.
Currency of South Africa is South African Rand and symbolized as ‘R’.