South Korea: Money & Costs

South Korea is steadily shouldering its way into the big league when it comes to costs – Japan is about the only place that’s still more expensive. If you’re staying in a hostel or a traditional Korean inn, you might be able to get by on US$40.00 a day assuming you lead an extremely frugal existence. If you’re planning to travel around and would prefer more luxurious accommodation, you should expect to spend significantly more. As for sustenance, the nightlife in Seoul will dig into your coffers, but food is generally quite cheap – US$7.00 should fill you up. Travelling will up your spending, but happily Korean transport is both efficient and reasonably priced. A high-speed train runs the length of the country and a ticket on this only costs US$40.00 .
Currency of South Korea is South Korean Won and symbolized as ‘?’.

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