Spa Holidays in Mauritius

Mauritius is a dream destination- a place where people go to bask in the glorious sunshine, frolic in its turquoise waters and five a free rein to their adventurous spirit by indulging in a variety of water sport activities like scuba diving, snorkeling and deep sea fishing. But lately tourists have been coming into Mauritius for another reason also. And that is for experiencing a rejuvenating spa holiday in Mauritius. The elegant hotels of Mauritius set on gorgeous tropical beaches combine spa therapy with top class luxury for a memorable holiday.

Experience the art of soul therapy and pure relaxation that a spa holiday in Mauritius guarantees. Imagine escaping into the folds of nature and submitting your body to a soothing massage while listening to the soft lapping of the waves or enjoying a spectacular Mauritian sunset by the shore. Spa Holidays of Mauritius is trip down the luxury lane that leaves a lasting experience.

A luxury holiday in Mauritius is perhaps the sign of the ultimate indulgence. All the top class hotels and resorts in Mauritius have exclusive spa centres that have just one objective in mind- pure personal pampering. Some are even specialist spa resorts where the very essence of the stay is that of is relaxation and well-being. Feel the tiredness drain out of each bone of your body as you surrender to the soothing massages administered by the skillful masseurs. There are many different varieties of spa treatments and therapies available nowadays such as Ayurvedic, Indonesian, Thai and Balinese.
While the new exotic spa therapies are more for exciting the senses by using varied aromatic products, the traditional spa treatments draw on the healing powers of thermal water and ancient Asian rituals to balance the mind and body. But the end result of a spa treatment is same and that is a feeling of rejuvenation both on physical and mental level
A spa holiday in Mauritius is more than just a spa holiday. It is time for reflection and self-discovery while the mind and body shrug off their fatigue and reawaken to whole new world. Some of the world renowned hotels in Mauritius that also double up as spa resorts and provide refreshing spa treatments are The Residence, The One and Only St Geran, The One and Only St Touserrak, The Hilton Mauritius Resort and Spa, The Oberoi and The Heritage Spa Resort, to name just a few.