Spa in Tunisia

Tunisia has a rich history of spas. There are more than 100 hot-spring sources that is scattered throughout Tunisia. It is due to this reason that Tunisia has become popular for its Thalassotherapy spas. There is a The National Office of Thermalism which is in charge of various spas in Tunisia like Hammam Bourguiba, Korbous as well as Ain Oktor. Some of the major deluxe hotels of Tunisia also offer spa treatments to its guests.
Spa in Tunisia will enable you to take the benefits of the following therapies:
Seaweed therapy which is a popular therapy is enjoyed by both domestic and international tourists. For the Seaweed therapy the therapist apply a warm seaweed cream to body of its customers. This cream is further wrapped in warm layers. After the cream is applied the customers are left to unwind. A Seaweed therapy will help you to get rid of the toxins and makes your skin all more glowing and ultra-smooth.
If you want you can also enjoy Massage. Massages by masseurs under warm water which make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.
Tunisia Spa Tours will also allow its guests to enjoy Multi-jet bath. This lovely warm bath will make your blood circulation very good.
You can also enjoy Bubbling bath. In this bath air bubbles are blend with some other essential oils and powdered algae. This Bubbling bath will make you feel rejuvenated.
You can also enjoy Water course.

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